How to Make Your Horse Happy

By Linda Parelli with Courtney Crane and Elia Mattke

We all want our beloved horses to be happy, but do you know the secrets to actually making them happy?

It takes a lot more than a juicy carrot to earn your horse’s trust and affection. We have identified 33 different ways you can rapidly increase the emotional connection with your horse.

Armed with these tips, techniques and tools you’ll take your relationship with your horse to a whole new level.

Best of all you are going to have lots of fun doing it!

In How to Make Your Horse Happy, you’ll discover:

  • RWhat horses value – it’s not what most people think
  • RThe skills you need to be a better leader – better than your horse!
  • RHow to read horse behavior – do you know what they’re saying?
  • RHow to gain a stronger connection with your horse – stronger than other horses, more interesting than grass
  • RHow to improve your emotional fitness as well as your horses – how to stay calm and focused instead of losing it!
  • RWhat you need for successful training sessions – no more frustration and boredom
  • RHow to be more compelling on the ground and in the saddle – both are important
  • RHow to create a natural living environment for your horse – fulfill his mental and emotional needs
  • RHow to improve your “feel” when it comes to handling your tools, riding and training
  • RHow to see things from your horse’s point of view to create the ultimate partnership be the best thing in your horse’s life

Praise for How to Make Your Horse Happy


I can’t wait to try all these great ideas out with my horse!

– Cheryl A.


If you really want to increase the emotional bond with your horse read this manual!

– Marianna C.


I love this manual. I don’t know who is more excited about all the great information me or my horse.

– Cat B.


I have only read the first chapter about knowing what your horse values and I am ready to rush down to the barn!

– Susan F.

Here’s What’s Inside How to Make Your Horse Happy

1. The Key to a Happy Horse – Know What they Value

2. How to Help Your Horse Feel Safe

3. Why is Comfort Important

4. How to Play like a horse for a positive relationship

5. Why it’s important to understand the world from your horse’s point of view

6. How to achieve Relaxation

7. The benefits of Responsiveness

8. How to be a leader

9. Understanding Pressure and how to apply it

10. How to maintain clear boundaries

11. How to use Horse psychology in every interaction with your horse

12. Why you should you spend undemanding time with your horse

13. How to be an excellent and effective rider

14. What is Feel and how to obtain it

15. What are the secrets to well fitted tack

16. How to improve your emotional fitness

17. Why is emotional fitness important for your horse

18. How to create a natural living environment

19. The importance of being aware of your horse’s health

20. How to make grooming a positive experience

21. How to recognize and understand your horse’s personality

22. How to stay progressive in training sessions

23. Learn how to make things simple

24. How to balance practice and progression

25. Why you need a calm horse and the importance of control

26. How to be a lateral thinker

27. Why is important not to arrive empty handed when coming to the barn

28. How to teach your horse to understand the goal

29. Why you want to match your horse’s energy

30. How to set each session up for success

31. The importance of Making it a game when it comes to training your horse

32. How to keep your training sessions short sweet and successful

33. How to determine your horse’s potential

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In this manual you’re going to learn 33 ways to make your horse happy over 340+ full color pages and it goes way beyond cuddling them and giving them treats. In fact, while horses enjoy treats, they are not the secret. It doesn’t work when you’re trying to build a strong, trusting and beautiful relationship with a horse. Underpinning all these wonderful ideas is the need to understand horse psychology and to become a better leader, rider and communicator.

Here’s to earning your horse’s trust, true respect and gaining new insights into horse happiness!

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